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Glam Kapz Shower Caps

Be beautiful while you shower. Our Shower Caps are the Original Glam Kapz Shower Caps, uniquely hand-made with quality fabrics and finishes.

All of our Shower Caps have fast drying lightweight designer fabrics, adjustable elastic, and are large size to fit over rollers and styled hair.

After a Retro or Vintage Shower Cap? Or perhaps a funky polka dot. Our range of Shower Caps includes sheer Organza covered Shower Caps, Pretty Satin Shower Caps and classic Leopard Shower Cap Designs.

Look after your locks! Using a Shower Cap means less hair washes and over washing your hair can lead to loss of colour and vibrancy. And if you're washing your hair less, you're also drying it less, which will lessen the chance of breakage and split ends.

Need to pop a treatment on your hair? Use a Glam Kapz Shower Cap. Apply your treatment as normal and then get on with your pedicure, emails or whatever you need to get done, without your hair sliding into your face. Just rinse your cap out in the shower and dry as normal. Perfect!

There's a style for everyone at Glam Living- what a unique and special gift. 

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