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Glam Living no longer uses boxed packaging. Caps are packed in a cello bag for protection during transit and placed within a postage box.


Please choose carefully when selecting from the size drop-down box. Petite sizes are for children up to the ages of 3-4; however, this also depends on the amount of hair your child has. Adult sizes are the best option if you are unsure.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are based on a flat-rate Shipping Rates per cap based on Australia Post Shipping Rates. Overseas Shipping Rates are calculated per Australia Post Shipping Rates.

Shipping is added to final purchase price at checkout.

Shipping costs also include packaging and handling.

Other items including bulky items can incur additional shipping costs.

Single Shipping Costs are:

$8.50 Regular Mail. This includes Standard Australia Post costs and packaging.

$15.00 Express Mail. This includes Standard Australia Post costs and packaging.

$35.00 Large Orders - more than 6 items.

$20.50+ for US/Canada Airmail

Other Shipping Costs are available upon request.

Delivery Times

Delivery Times will vary depending on whether your item is Custom Made or in Stock at time of purchase. Normal dispatch and delivery times will be between 5-7  working days from time of order. International orders can take up to 12 working days, sometimes longer depending on season, and location. Deliveries cannot be made to a PO Box, only to a physical street address. Post direct to a Australia Post Office outlet is possible

You can easily track your order by signing in to your account. An email will be sent to you advising you that your order is on the way once it has been fulfilled. This contains your tracking number.


Please choose your item carefully; Returns are given to faulty products, but not if you choose the incorrect size or if you change your mind.

Refunds are not available on any clearance lines.


Product Information

New Products

Glam Living is constantly updating our product lines.

Our range has already changed over the past 2 decades through changes in fashion, fabric availability and demand. The one thing that remains the same is the quality of the finished product. 

Care & Travel

Looking after your Shower Cap is easy. Make sure it dries after each use so that the elastic lasts longer. 

Keep away from heat such as hair irons and hot hair dryers as this may melt the plastic lining.

If your cap is too loose, simply find the gap in the binding holding the elastic and re-tie to the fit that you need. If your elastic has worn completely, contact Glam Living and we will send you a new length for your cap, (although this is unlikely as our caps last for years and years). 

When taking your cap away with you, use a Travel Bag for your cap. This will keep your cap protected during travel as well as keeping your other luggage dry if you need to pack away when it is still wet.


All of our items are 100% HAND-MADE and not sourced from a secondary source and re-packaged like many other shower cap companies who claim otherwise. Glam Living believe in the importance of a quality hand-made Australian product.

We use quality materials that are sourced from Australian suppliers where possible. 

Some of our embellishments use materials that are produced overseas; however, the finished products are made right here in South Australia, Australia.


Retailer Reselling

*No longer available.

Glam Living no longer offers wholesale.

Further Enquiries

Need More Information?

If you wish to receive more information on any of our products, please email us at